SVA Architects

We were tasked with creating a new identity for Stauch Vorster Architects. As part of their merger with GIBB engineering they were looking for a new logo that referenced their union. The project included and exploring and extended identity and various applications. Toward the end of the project we continued to refine the logo and also give it new dimensions.

A New Perspective

To help merge the red square logo of Stauch Vorster and the "Pebble + Layers" logo of GIBB we came up with a concept of interpreting the layers as squares in 3D space and then adding perspective to these layers to create the new logo.

The layers could also be viewed from different angles to extend the SVA identity and provide more utility than a single logo.

Extending the identity

After coming up with the initial layers design we looked at ways to apply and extend it. The examples below are just a small sample of the different applications we explored.

Leaving Flatland

Toward the end of the project (after revising to a sans serif font), I explored ways to take the logo into a 3D space. This created the logo in Sketchup and tried different ways of creating a dynamic logo system in 3D. The client, as architects, would be familiar with working in 3D and this would allow them to use the logo in a format they were familiar with as well as give them the opportunity to expand upon it.